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The Best Chip Clips

Last updated on March 13, 2023

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Riveda PVC Coated Steel Chip Clips, 30-Piece

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PVC Coated Steel Chip Clips, 30-Piece

This set includes 30 clips in a variety of colors, each versatile enough to be used in a variety of ways around the home and office. The material is premium-quality steel and PVC, making for a long-lasting product. The design is small and slim to help it easily slide into your pantry or cabinets.

Overall Take

Versatile OptionThese clips can be used to seal chip bags, hang clothes, hold documents together and much more.

 Runner Up

COOK WITH COLOR Non-Slip Rubber Lined Chip Clips, 10-Piece


Non-Slip Rubber Lined Chip Clips, 10-Piece

Choose from a variety of different colors, from soft pastels to bold and neutral hues. Each set includes five 3-inch food clips, each with a magnet for keeping it on the fridge when not in use. The nylon handles are durable while also being soft to the touch, making them easy to maneuver onto the bag.

Overall Take

Classic EleganceThe simple, classy design of these chip clips makes it a great addition to any space.

 We Also Like

IPOW Wide Stainless Steel Chip Clips,10-Piece


Wide Stainless Steel Chip Clips,10-Piece

You’ll get 10 metal chip clips in this set, each made from premium stainless steel. Durable springs and a rustproof coating help these clips hold up even with years of everyday use. Each clip is 3 inches wide and they’re versatile enough to be used for a variety of household purposes.

Overall Take

Durable BuildPremium stainless steel with a rustproof coating ensures these chip clips will last.

 Strong Contender

Yansanido Assorted Colors Metal Chip Clips, 30-Piece


Assorted Colors Metal Chip Clips, 30-Piece

The 30 metal clips in this set come in three different colors to help with organization. Each clip measures 2 by 1.18 by 0.7 inches. The clips are made from strong, vinyl-coated metal and resist rust for a durable solution.

Overall Take

Great for Everyday WearWhether you’re using them for securing chips or other household items, these strong but lightweight clips will hold up.

Buying Guide

Potato chips are a pantry staple, whether you pack them in lunches or snack directly from the bag. Unlike other types of potatoes, chips hold their freshness for a while, particularly when stored inside a sealed bag. This is due in part to the frying process, which reduces the moisture content of each potato slice to around 2%.

But not all potato chips are created equal. The frying process and thickness of each slice determine a potato chip’s overall texture, as well as the type of potato used to make the chips. As long as chips stay sealed in the bag, they’ll maintain their freshness up to the “sell by” date and beyond. Once you’ve opened the bag, though, the snacks can quickly lose that crispness.

So how do you maintain that crunchy texture? The key is to understand how manufacturers keep their chips fresh in the first place. Before inserting the chips and sealing the bag, nitrogen gas is piped into it, helping remove oxygen. Once you break that seal, oxygen finds its way back into the bag, eventually making the product stale. If you’re in a high-humidity environment, the moisture can even lead to sogginess.

The key to extending the life of opened bags of chips is to keep oxygen to a minimum. Chip clips have become a handy way to keep snacks fresh, but you won’t see the best results unless you can also reduce oxygen in the bag. Before you apply the clip, shake all the chips to the bottom, press the air from the bag, then fold down the top corners and continue rolling the sack until you’ve reduced the excess space. Once that’s done, clip the chips in the center.

In addition to these steps, you’ll need to choose the right type of chip clip. You’ll want one that has enough grip to hold your bags in place while still being lightweight and slim. One with a strong spring can give you the hold you need for thicker chip bags.

What to Look For

  • Most chip clips are sold in multiples. You can find them in sets of two or three, as well as larger groups of 10 or more.
  • Consider that potato chips might not be the only food you’ll want to seal closed after opening. You can use chip clips for bags of cookies, cereal, crackers, bread and more.
  • The strength of the spring is very important. You’ll want one that’s easy to squeeze open but that also has a strong grip once you’ve placed it on the bag.
  • Pay close attention to the material of any chip clip you buy. You’ll want one strong enough to withstand years of use. If they’re rust-resistant and waterproof, that will be a big help in a moisture-prone area like the kitchen.
  • Chip clips aren’t just for food. You can use them for hanging clothes, binding documents together and much more.
  • Some chip clips come with built-in magnets. This type can hang on your refrigerator until you’re ready to use it. If you’re planning to use it to hold items on the fridge, make sure the magnet is strong enough to handle the extra weight.
  • If you plan to display your chip clips on the refrigerator when they aren’t in use, consider buying ones that match your existing decor.
  • As durable and strong as steel can be, nylon clips can be soft to the touch, making them more pleasant to handle.
  • Even with rustproof, waterproof chip clips, the dishwasher isn’t an option. You’ll need to occasionally hand wash them.
  • Clothespins and paper clips can hold your bag together in a pinch, but they typically won’t have enough grip to serve as a long-term solution.

More to Explore

There are varying accounts of how the potato chip first came into being. Legend has it that deep-fried, thin potatoes were invented by restaurant chef George Crum. To spite a customer who complained about the thickness of his French fries, Crum sliced the spuds extra thin and fried them to a crisp. But cookbooks from the early 1800s include recipes for fried thin-sliced potatoes. Additionally, official written accounts of Crum make no mention of potato chips.

Crum’s sister, Kate Wicks, has been credited with coming up with the crispy potatoes sold at Crum’s restaurant under the name “Saratoga Chips.” According to Wicks, she accidentally dropped a thin slice of potato into a frying pan. Her brother tasted the result and gave his approval. Soon after, it ended up on the menu.

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