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The Best Car Cup Holder For The Backseat

Last updated on July 27, 2023

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Our Picks For The Top Car Cup Holders For The Back Seat

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SENLIXIN Non-Slip Headrest Tray Back Seat Car Cup Holder

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Non-Slip Headrest Tray Back Seat Car Cup Holder

With its adjustable straps, this car cup holder and storage bin is easy to install in your back seat. It is made from high-quality plastic and is ideal for drinks of many different sizes. There is a slot for food or other small items.

Overall Take

Easy to InstallThis car caddy for the back seat features adjustable straps.

 Runner Up

PALMOO PU Leather Organizer Back Seat Car Cup Holder


PU Leather Organizer Back Seat Car Cup Holder

This large car organizer has eight compartments to hold everything from cups and tablets (with a cover) to umbrellas and tissues. It is made from a wear-resistant premium faux leather material that's easy to wipe clean.

Overall Take

Something for EveryoneThis faux leather organizer has space for tablets, drinks and more.

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Reserwa Waterproof Organizer Back Seat Car Cup Holder, 2-Pack


Waterproof Organizer Back Seat Car Cup Holder, 2-Pack

Each car organizer in this 2-pack has a large capacity and can hold cups, tablets, snacks, wipes, bottles and more. It features eight total pockets, six of which are mesh, and is made from easily-washable polyester.

Overall Take

Large CapacityThis car organizer has eight pockets and comes in a 2-pack.

 Strong Contender

FAGUAN Universal Headrest Tray Back Seat Car Cup Holder


Universal Headrest Tray Back Seat Car Cup Holder

Use this sturdy basic black car cup holder for a drink plus snacks, phones and other essentials. It is easy to hang on the headrest of the front seat of most vehicles using adjustable straps for secure, no-tip use.

Overall Take

Handy and CompactThis basic car cup holder is just the right size for a few essentials.

Buying Guide

Whether you’re going on a long road trip or just a short trip to the store, you might enjoy having a cup of coffee, water bottle or can of soda with you in the car. While there are usually sufficient cup holders for the two front seats, this may not be true for passengers in the back, especially if you have children riding along (who are already prone to spills and stains).

Cup holders are undoubtedly important; in 2007, car buyers even called them the most important features they look for in a vehicle. While newer cars often build in many different places to place your all-important beverages (like the 2019 Subaru Ascent, with its 19 cup holders), older cars may not have as much room dedicated to cup storage. Purchasing separate car cup holders for the back seat can solve this problem easily.

One of the most important things to consider when you’re shopping for a backseat cup holder is the size. Think about what kind of cups you most commonly have in the car and whether they will even fit. This is especially important if you use insulated coffee cups or oversized water bottles, which can sometimes be wider than usual.

Also, the material your cup holder is made from can make all the difference. You’ll want something that lasts and is easy to care for. Hard-shell plastic is a good option because you can simply wipe it or wash it if you end up with spills. Soft or fabric materials can be more difficult to clean as they may absorb liquid and show stains.

Check to see how the car cup holders attach to the headrest of the front seat. Typically, they fit over the headrest using a strap with slots. While they should be compatible with most vehicles, it’s best to double-check if they’ll work with yours.

What to Look For

  • When it comes to anything to do with your car, safety is of the utmost importance. Check to see that the car cup holder is properly attached to the headrest and cannot come off easily. This way, if you are involved in a collision or accident, you won’t have the cup holder falling off and hurting someone.
  • Stability is key for cup holders, since you don’t want to end up with spills. Once you have installed the car cup holder, be sure to test it out by putting in a full cup of liquid (water is best) to see whether it stays immovable when driving.
  • Cleaning the car cup holder periodically is important if you don’t want it to be sticky or wet. Every couple of weeks, be sure to take it out and wipe it down with a wet cloth. If any drink residue remains on on the cup holder, you can wash it with water and dish soap depending on the material. For cup holders made from fabric, you may be limited to wiping it down.
  • If you have young kids, consider instituting rules about what kinds of drinks go in the car cup holder. For example, juice boxes may not fit well and may rattle around too much, resulting in spills. However, sippy cups may be too wide to fit properly and may fall to the floor.
  • Some car cup holders for the back seat are multipurpose and can help with holding or organizing other materials as well. You may want to look for these as an added feature, to keep books, toys, tissue boxes or other accessories handy. Consider what you need to store in the car at all times and what you need to keep those items organized.

More to Explore

People have been eating and drinking in cars since the early days of automobiles, although it used to be much less comfortable to do so. Ford’s Model Ts could be tricked out with after-market accessories like small kitchenettes that were packed into trucks and attached to sideboards. These came with iceboxes, storage bins, and small foldout tables and were best used when cars were stopped. Rolls Royces came with elaborate picnic baskets that included silver utensils.

In the 1950s, eating inside your cars became fashionable with drive-in restaurants featuring carhops on roller skates — but drivers and passengers were forced to place drinks precariously between legs or on the floor, even though a suction-cup snack tray that attached to the dashboard and had room for two bottles of soda was in existence in 1950. The first car cup holder patent was granted to a Texas inventor in 1953, and didn’t look much different than what’s available today. However, auto makers weren’t initially enthusiastic about adding them. So, the first cup holders bought by car owners in the mid-1960s for their cars were plastic baskets that had inserts you could slip into the space between the window glass and interior of your car door.

Apparently, Chrysler added the first cup-holders in mass-market vehicles in the 1984 Plymouth Voyager minivan — which makes sense, since these cars were marketed toward moms who were trying to do it all and carry it all. Car cup holders remained afterthoughts for a while, but today are as important to passengers as fuel efficiency — or even more so. It isn’t uncommon for cars to have more than 15 built-in cupholders these days.

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