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The Best Blue Light Glasses

Last updated on June 26, 2023
Best Blue Light Reading Glasses

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Our Picks For The Top Blue Light Reading Glasses

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BLUE CUT Composite Frame Plastic Blue Light Glasses

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Composite Frame Plastic Blue Light Glasses

Whether you're working on an assignment for your boss or playing a video game, these blue light glasses are a must-have tool. They do an excellent job of filtering out harmful rays, which often lead to headaches. The glasses themselves are high-quality and come in a choice of brown, black or blue.

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Durable FrameWith this pair of blue light glasses, you'll also receive a complimentary cleaning cloth and storage case.

 Best Overall

Livho Anit-Eyestrain Blue Light Reading Glasses, 2-Pack


Anit-Eyestrain Blue Light Reading Glasses, 2-Pack

Whether you're gaming, scrolling through Facebook on your computer or checking messages on your phone, you'll want to be wearing these blue light reading glasses. They do an excellent job of protecting your eyes, while also reducing eye strain. The set includes two pairs of glasses, so you can keep one at home and one at the office.

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Ultra Lightweight and FlexibleThe nose pads on these blue light reading glasses are ergonomically designed to relieve pressure on the bridge of your nose.

 Works Against Fluorescents

Livho Anti Eye Fatigue Blue Light Glasses, 2-Pack


Anti Eye Fatigue Blue Light Glasses, 2-Pack

Work comfortably with these blue light glasses, which reduces strain on your eyes even when you're working for hours in the fluorescent lighting found in many offices. You'll get a pack of two glasses in the latest trendy styles, one clear and the other tortoiseshell. The lens is clear rather than tinted, so you won't have to worry about discolorat...

Overall Take

Reduces StrainFluorescent lights can cause eye strain, and these blue light glasses are designed to reduce that strain.

 Magnifying Pick

Aimade 1.75x Blue Light Blocking Reading Glasses, 5-Pack


1.75x Blue Light Blocking Reading Glasses, 5-Pack

These blue light reading glasses help alleviate visual fatigue. They have a classic design and a retro-shaped frame. The glasses are highly durable and perfect for everyday use.

Overall Take

Alleviates Visual FatigueYou can look at screens with comfort while wearing these blue light reading glasses.

Buying Guide

Many people these days spend a considerable number of hours looking at screens. Phones, tablets, laptops, TVs — we are constantly staring at screens for work, information and entertainment. In order to avoid headaches and other damaging effects from screen time, you might consider blue light glasses, which are designed to filter out harmful blue-violet light rays that these types of screens emit.

Blue light is harmful because it hits eyes at a higher frequency than other types of light. It is at the edge of the light spectrum, next to UV light. It has a shorter wavelength, which is what makes it more damaging to our eyes than other types of light.

There are many benefits to wearing blue light glasses. If you have trouble sleeping at night after looking at screens all day, it could be as a result of the blue light, which interrupts your circadian rhythm. The blue light glasses actually facilitate melatonin production, which helps you fall into a deeper sleep faster. By looking at screens all day, you can also develop eye strain, headaches, blurred vision and dry eyes. Blue light glasses reduce these symptoms and make looking at screens more comfortable.

What to Look For

  • There are some blue light reading glasses available that have magnification capabilities. While these are not the same as prescription glasses, they do the job well for those who do not have a particularly high prescription.
  • While they are a functional item, you can also express your sense of style with blue light reading glasses. Black frames offer a contemporary and modern look, while tortoiseshell frames have a classic appeal.
  • Not all blue light reading glasses have the same effects. Take a look at the efficacy metrics of the glasses you’re interested in. They should block at least 90% of blue light in order to provide you with the benefits you need. Otherwise, you may still be dealing with headaches and eye strain as not enough blue light is blocked out.
  • Blue light reading glasses can come with different colored lenses, such as yellow, orange and dark red. The darker the lens, the more blue light is blocked. Lighter lenses are best for daytime computer use, so this is the most common option.

More to Explore

Blue light reading glasses should be worn whenever you’re looking at a screen. Light-colored lenses, such as yellow ones, are best for daytime use, such as when you’re working on a computer. However, you should remove your blue light reading glasses when you go outside so that your eyes can take in natural sunlight.

If you’re looking at screens in the evening or night, then the best option is to go with dark-colored lenses. Keep in mind that you should not wear blue light reading glasses while you are driving because they can cause color distortion, which can be dangerous while on the road.

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