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The Best Black Purse

Last updated on June 15, 2022

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Our Picks For The Top Black Purses

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LOVEVOOK Synthetic Leather Assorted Sizes Black Purse Set, 3-Piece

Don't Waste Your Money Seal of Approval


Synthetic Leather Assorted Sizes Black Purse Set, 3-Piece

With a leather-like look, this set gives you a clutch, shoulder bag and messenger bag. These purses are made to last and have a simple design with secure closures.

Overall Take

Versatile ChoiceThis set of three black purses gives you versatility for various uses and provides a classic look.

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Jeniulet Top Handle Satchel Zippered Black Purse


Top Handle Satchel Zippered Black Purse

With two carrying options, this purse features different textures and embellishments like a bow knot and dangling heart charm. It's also good for organization with several types of pockets.

Overall Take

Unique TouchesConsider this option if you want a black purse with several pockets and special touches on the front.

 Strong Contender

YTL Faux Leather Assorted Sizes Black Purse Set, 4-Piece


Faux Leather Assorted Sizes Black Purse Set, 4-Piece

Featuring four purses, this set provides options ranging from a small clutch to a large tote. There are gold embellishments on them, and the purses use an imitation leather material.

Overall Take

Plenty of VarietyThis option allows you to easily build a black purse collection for many occasions.

 Also Great

Angel Barcelo Side Pockets Removable Shoulder Strap Black Purse

Angel Barcelo

Side Pockets Removable Shoulder Strap Black Purse

This large purse can accommodate items like tablets and has pockets suitable for smaller items too. You can remove the shoulder strap if desired. The purse also consists of a waterproof material that resembles leather.

Overall Take

Flexible OptionYou'll find this black purse handy if you want a lot of space, several compartments and flexible strap options.

Buying Guide

If you’re looking for a stylish and functional accessory, consider getting a black purse. Since the color black can go with any color outfit, you get a lot of versatility and can avoid the hassle of trying to find a bag that matches each day. In addition, a black purse offers an elegant look suitable for everything from a regular day out shopping to a formal evening event. The color is also so popular that you’ll likely to find any style of purse you want.

Consider how you’ll use the black purse to determine the best type for you. A small- or medium-sized shoulder bag is very popular since it’s convenient to carry and suits both business and personal use. If you want something roomier, you might consider a satchel or tote bag.  If you want something much smaller, you might instead get an evening clutch for a formal event or a wristlet for everyday use. On the other hand, casual crossbody bags and backpacks are good options for hands-free use.

When shopping for black purses, think about how you want to store your items. While a clutch or wristlet might have a simple layout just for a few things, other purses can highly vary. Some have one big open compartment that works great for larger things. If you need more organization, you could choose a purse with multiple zippered or buttoned compartments along with slots for credit cards. You can also find special organizer purses with several inner and outer pockets of various sizes for items like your phone, makeup and hand sanitizer.

The black purse’s material is important both for its appearance and durability. Real leather purses offer a timeless and elegant look and can last for very long, but these purses can be heavy. On the other hand, imitation leather products still look sleek but come at a more economical price. Suede is another classic material you can find and is best for when you don’t expect to get the purse wet. Often providing a more casual look, fabric purses made of nylon or canvas offer durability and are available in both low-end and high-end brands.

What to Look For

  • Check that the purse’s strap or straps are long enough to use comfortably and appropriate for how you plan to carry the bag. While two short straps are fine if you’ll carry the purse by hand or on one shoulder, you’ll want a long strap for comfortable crossbody use. Adjustable straps are also great to have.
  • To keep things from falling out of your black purse, make sure there’s a clasp or zipper that keeps it closed. Some tote bags, for instance, lack such security features. If your purse lacks any closures for certain compartments, avoid putting valuables or small items in those.
  • Some black purses come in a set so that you can get a few different types and sizes at the same time. When going with this kind of option, make sure you’ll get enough use out of all the purses so it’s worth it.
  • If you’re concerned about your credit cards being scanned by criminals while you’re carrying your purse, consider looking for one with RFID blocking technology. These purses integrate special materials to help protect your cards.
  • Black purses don’t have to look plain. While you’ll find plenty featuring a smooth material and maybe some gold or silver embellishments, black purses can come with other textures or patterns and even have a shiny appearance.  You’ll also find purses with dangling charms.
  • You should both clean and disinfect your purse occasionally as well as make sure the items placed inside are clean. You can check with the manufacturer for cleaning directions as they vary based on the purse’s material. For example, you can use a leather cleaner for leather purses or a mild detergent for fabric purses. It also helps to go through your purse weekly and throw out items like unwanted receipts or relocate them elsewhere.

More to Explore

While a black purse is an invaluable accessory for conveniently taking things with you, it can easily become a target for thieves. It’s easy to be in a hurry and less aware of your surroundings or to even set your bag down for a moment. Common actions like putting your purse on a public bathroom door hook, in the top part of a shopping cart or under your chair at a restaurant put you at risk.

To keep your purse safe, try to keep it on you whenever possible. Wearing the purse on the front of you is ideal. If you do have to put it down, keep the purse in your sight and watch for anybody close by. If you’re at a restaurant, you might put your purse in your lap or place the strap through one of the legs of your chair so someone can’t grab it without you noticing.

In addition, always make sure you’ve closed your purse so that someone can’t easily snatch items from it. This will also reduce the chances of you losing something.

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