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The Best Beauty Organizer

Last updated on October 24, 2022

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Masirs Clear Acrylic Beauty Organizer

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Clear Acrylic Beauty Organizer

With four drawers for a total of 16 compartments, this organizer can hold your brushes, lipsticks, eyeshadows, blushes and other items. The material is durable acrylic in a clear design to allow you to see what’s inside. Each compartment is in a different shape to ensure you can find a place for all your cosmetics.

Overall Take

Extra RoomyYou’ll have plenty of space with this beauty organizer, which has enough space for makeup of varying sizes.

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STORi BPA-Free Clear Plastic Beauty Organizer


BPA-Free Clear Plastic Beauty Organizer

Measuring 7” W x 6” L x 3.13” H, this organizer provides four compartments to hold various types of cosmetics. The high-quality, durable plastic is clear to help you see what’s stored in each compartment. It features a rectangular design to optimize versatility.

Overall Take

Versatile UsesWhether it’s skincare, makeup, essential oils or other beauty products, this organizer can handle it.

MIUOPUR Silicone Handle Drawers Beauty Organizer


Silicone Handle Drawers Beauty Organizer

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Buying Guide

Temperature is an important part of preserving your beauty products. Everything from shower gels to moisturizers to liquid eyeshadows and blushes does best at room temperature. For your powdered products, moisture and humidity can also be a problem, so finding a good storage solution can be a big part of protecting your investment.

The best beauty organizer is one that accommodates your cosmetics collection while also fitting into your space. You’ll find organizers with compartments, drawers, stackable columns and other options, but each comes with benefits and limitations.

Light can also be damaging to some cosmetics. If you have makeup, lotions and other beauty products that aren’t in a case that doesn’t let light in, it’s important to pay attention to how you store it. If you have space in a cabinet, you can protect your cosmetics from light while also keeping them accessible when you need them.

But even though it lets light in, having an organizer made from transparent plastic brings an important benefit. You can easily see what’s inside each compartment, ensuring you’ll be able to quickly find each item you need. If you’re looking for a brush or eyeshadow shade, a transparent exterior can reduce the time you’ll spend searching.

Makeup organizers can separate your makeup, giving you a separate compartment for various types of cosmetics. If you want to store your lipsticks and primers in one compartment and mascaras and eyeliners in another, an organizer can handle it.

Most makeup organizers are made from plastic, and that plastic can vary in durability. Look for one that’s thick enough to stand up over years of use. You’ll also need an organizer that you can occasionally clean. Inevitably, you’ll suffer a few spills over the days, weeks, months and years you use your beauty organizer, so occasionally, you’ll have to remove all the items and give it a thorough cleaning.

What to Look For

  • Storage needs vary from one household to another. But you may find your own beauty storage needs change from one month to the next. A beauty organizer with removable compartments or adjustable shelving will help you adjust your storage to those changing needs.
  • Before you buy a beauty organizer, do an honest inventory of your existing makeup collection. Determine exactly the compartments you’ll need to accommodate everything. If you need storage for your moisturizers and lotions, you might go for a different organizer than if it’s small jars.
  • Some prefer to organize their beauty products by color or type. You might choose to have separate organizers for your daytime and nighttime looks, for instance, or have your bolder makeup in a separate organizer or compartment from your more neutral looks. You can customize your storage to suit your own unique needs.
  • Makeup palettes often don’t squeeze comfortably into the compartments in organizers. Pay attention to the dimensions of your palettes. You might choose to store them separately and use your organizer for tubes and small jars.
  • Organizers use different formats to maximize the storage space. Some feature stacked, drawer-like setups, while others use 360-degree rotating bases to make it easy for you to get to all your products without having to dig anything out.
  • You can line your makeup organizer’s compartments with mesh shelf protectors. This will keep the plastic clean while also holding your makeup in place.
  • Beauty organizers aren’t just for cosmetics. You can use them for storing tools, art supplies, jewelry and other items.
  • Beauty organizers can vary in size and shape. Measure the area where you plan to store it before you buy to ensure it will squeeze into your space. Make sure you choose one that will work well with your morning routine.

More to Explore

Those who grew up in the 90s got an early introduction to beauty organization in the form of Caboodles. These organizers were similar to tackle boxes for a reason. Creator Leonie Mateer was inspired by a model she saw arriving at a photo shoot with her cosmetics in a tackle box. The tackle box format not only provides plenty of compartments for smaller cosmetics, with a larger compartment for bigger items, but it’s also highly portable, which made it ideal for those 90s teenage sleepovers.

There’s a reason those makeup organizers look so much like tackle boxes. The company that manufactures them is Plano, manufacturer of the most popular tackle boxes on the market. Caboodles take the concept and form it into feminine colors and styling to make it popular with consumers.

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