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The Best Beaded Handbag

Last updated on December 7, 2022

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BABEYOND Detachable Chain Sequin Beaded Handbag

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Detachable Chain Sequin Beaded Handbag

Available in five styles, this small clutch has a unique look with different peacock patterns. The cloth bag has both beads and sequins to add sparkle. You get a couple of chains to convert it to a handbag or shoulder bag.

Overall Take

Unique and VersatileThis retro bag with a sparkly peacock design will stand out for any special occasion and offers multiple carrying options.

 Strong Contender

Grandxii Silk Lined Acrylic Pearl Beaded Handbag


Silk Lined Acrylic Pearl Beaded Handbag

Coming in two different shapes, this white handbag has enough space for the essentials. The pearls give it an elegant look, and the handles on one option look unique. You also get a small silk bag to put delicate items.

Overall Take

Elegant and FunctionalYou'll find this bag helpful if you want something elegant yet spacious enough for good functionality.

Buying Guide

If you want a functional and stylish accessory that will stand out for any occasion, consider opting for a beaded handbag. These trendy bags come in both vintage styles that remind you of the fashion from the 1920s and modern looks full of color and interesting patterns. You have plenty of options whether you prefer something formal or casual.

Before shopping for beaded handbags, you should first have the desired style in mind. Specifically, think about whether you want the purse to look like it’s entirely made of beads or if you prefer a purse that just uses beads as decorations. In addition, think about the occasion for which you’ll mostly use the bag.

Vintage-style bags serve as fancier accessories for special occasions and are often flashy. They may consist of mostly artificial pearls, or they could resemble cloth bags covered in eye-catching bead designs. You can also find these bags with other sparkly decorations added.

Modern-style options, on the other hand, tend to be more colorful and playful. They might feature multiple colors or have special bead designs resembling objects like flowers. But while you’ll find casual beaded handbags appropriate for everyday use, you’ll also find formal options with elegant beaded accents.

You should also consider the type of beaded handbag you want since they come in various sizes and shapes. If you want something low-profile, a beaded clutch can hold a few items for a night out. You’ll also find larger beaded handbags that can accommodate more items for your convenience. You can expect to find plenty of rectangular beaded handbags, but some have unique shapes like a cylinder.

Be sure that the beaded handbag meets your needs for compartments. Bags made entirely of beads usually just have one main compartment, and you may or may not have a soft bag or lining inside to further protect your items. Bags with beaded accents are more likely to have normal slots and pockets that help you organize your items more easily.

Also, make sure you can carry the beaded handbag the way you’d like. Clutch-style bags won’t have a strap of any kind, but others should at least have handles for carrying the bag by hand. If you’d like the option to carry the bag on your shoulder, you can seek options with a removable strap.

What to Look For

  • Some beaded handbags with removable straps might include a few options so you can change up your style. For example, you might swap out a pearl chain for a more discrete silver metal one. You might also remove the strap entirely to carry a small bag like a clutch.
  • Since beaded handbags can come in compact sizes, it helps to do an inventory of the things you plan to carry with you so that you know the bag can handle your needs. You’ll likely find this type of handbag best for the essentials like your phone, keys, wallet, a few cosmetics and needed medications. If in doubt of whether a certain item like your phone will fit, check the measurements for both the handbag and item and allow for a bit of extra space.
  • Beaded handbags that lack a lining come with the risk that very small items could get out through the cracks between the beads. If you think this could cause problems for you, consider adding your own lining or placing small items in a wallet or zipper bag inside the purse.
  • Be sure to properly clean your beaded handbag by keeping the different materials in mind. If the bag consists entirely of plastic beads, washing it is usually easy with soap, water and a washcloth you can use to scrub the inside and outside of the bag. If you’ve got a cloth or leather handbag with beaded accents, you should stick to gently hand washing it rather than throwing it in the washer and letting the bag thoroughly dry out. In some cases, your bag might have a removable lining that the manufacturer designates as safe for the washing machine.
  • Keep the beaded handbag’s closure in mind to secure your items. Some styles have an open top where you might use a silk lining bag inside with a drawstring. Others have a clasp on top or on the front or a magnetic closure for more security.

More to Explore

Did you know that beaded bags have existed in the fashion scene since the 1800s? These bags sometimes featured elaborate images and required a time-consuming process of attaching each bead without the speedier production processes available today. Some early versions closed with a drawstring, while beaded purses later in the century would have straps more like modern purses.

The 1920s brought about the flapper fashion trends where beaded handbags would really come into the spotlight. These handbags not only had flashy beads but also featured other additions like fringes and sequins. They could also come in quite colorful styles with artistic patterns.

The popularity of these unique purses would come and go over the century, and they’d become less popular as the 2000s arrived. However, now you’ll find them popular again with celebrities and everyday consumers alike.

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