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The Best Backpack Purse

Last updated on September 20, 2022

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Our Picks For The Top Backpack Purses

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CLUCI Women’s PU Leather Backpack Purse

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Women's PU Leather Backpack Purse

Made of faux leather, this backpack purse is over 14 inches high and comes in more than 40 colors. You get multiple pockets on the sides and front and interior pockets to secure items. A removable carrying strap makes it convertible.

Overall Take

Good for OrganizationThe numerous outer and inner pockets make this faux leather backpack appealing for daily use.

 Runner Up

Gazigo Women’s Quilted Nylon Travel Backpack


Women's Quilted Nylon Travel Backpack

Available in different sizes and colors, this durable quilted nylon backpack purse offers the convenience of multiple zippered sections along with outer side and front pockets. It's water-resistant and lightweight and has a luggage belt.

Overall Take

Features Multiple CompartmentsThis quilted, multi-compartment purse offers the same convenience as traditional backpacks.

 We Also Like

CHERUTY Women’s Anti-Theft PU Leather Backpack Purse


Women's Anti-Theft PU Leather Backpack Purse

Made of artificial leather and strong stitching and hardware, this backpack purse comes in both medium and large sizes and can be worn in three ways. Numerous pockets inside help prevent from theft. You can choose from plenty of colors too.

Overall Take

Stylish and ProtectiveThis versatile, well-constructed faux leather bag looks great and is designed to protect from theft.

 Strong Contender

LOVEVOOK Women’s USB Wide Open Charging Backpack Purse


Women's USB Wide Open Charging Backpack Purse

Available in 15.6- to 18-inch sizes, this durable and professional-looking backpack purse can accommodate your laptop and still provide plenty of space. You get 19 pockets and a USB port for your phone. A nice selection of colors is available.

Overall Take

High-Tech OptionIf you want a large, organized backpack purse with a built-in charging feature, this might be the one!

Buying Guide

If you’re looking for a convenient and spacious alternative to regular purses, a backpack purse provides a comfortable and hands-free way to carry what you need. This type of purse often isn’t as big as a traditional backpack and can be more stylish to wear. You’ll also notice that a backpack purse usually has narrower straps.

It helps to think about what you plan to regularly carry in your bag so you can find the right size. Smaller backpack purses can easily hold essentials like your phone, wallet, makeup, medications and even small books. But if you’re taking a trip or are away from home a lot, you might want a larger one that can accommodate a laptop and larger books. A good compromise is a medium-sized backpack purse that offers enough room for items like tablets but isn’t too bulky to wear.

The backpack purse’s compartments are important for organizing your items safely and practically. Most backpack purses have at least one front zippered pocket for easy access to items. However, larger ones may have two of these front pockets or even extra pockets on the sides for water bottles or phones. While a traditional backpack might have multiple zippered sections inside, backpack purses often have one large open compartment. Some also feature several inner pockets for organization.

Your backpack purse’s material will affect both its appearance and durability. Many options are made of faux or real leather to offer a stylish look similar to that of designer purses. These materials may stand up better over time. However, other backpack purses are made of fabric and may be less resilient depending on their quality and usage. You can also find purses that mix in different materials as accents.

When it comes to backpack purse colors, neutrals like gray, black and brown are especially popular for both leather and fabric options. However, you’re not limited to these since you’ll find a wide variety of pastel, neon, multicolored and even patterned options too. You can also look for versions with fun details like gemstones, tassels and colorful straps. Or, check out mini backpacks with licensed art and designs, if there’s a TV show or movie franchise you love.

What to Look For

  • As when choosing any backpack or purse, make sure the item is made to last with good quality stitching to resist tearing. You’ll also want to look for durable zippers that won’t get stuck or fail.
  • These purses provide some flexibility; you can use the straps as handles, sling the straps over just one shoulder, or use the carrying handle if there is one.
  • Keep in mind what type of fastener you want on your backpack purse, as this affects convenience and security. Some will use a drawstring closure or have a flap that makes it fast and easy to reach inside. Others have zippers, which may take longer to open but offer more security.
  • Many backpack purses do not have padded straps the way regular backpacks do, but this is a feature you may wish to look for if you prefer a more comfortable fit.
  • Be sure to carefully adjust the backpack purse’s straps so that the bag doesn’t hang too low on your body or fit uncomfortably tight.
  • Despite offering a comfortable hands-free option, backpack purses can make it less convenient to quickly get items out on the go. Therefore, consider putting frequently needed items in an outer pocket.
  • While any backpack purse can handle your storage needs, some have extra features to do more. For example, some have components inside to charge your mobile device on the go. You can also find backpack purses with separate tablet or laptop compartments that may have padding for protection from bumps.
  • You may come across backpack purses that say they’re waterproof. However, this often means you get protection from rain or splashes rather than submersion. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions and consider a secondary form of protection — such as a waterproof phone holder — for valuables that could get wet.
  • You can find RFID-blocking backpack purses to protect payment cards from scammers who have special devices.
  • The mini backpack style can be tempting to thieves. Therefore, it pays to just bring the essentials, be wise when carrying money and cards and stay aware of your surroundings.
  • For more security, you might look for an anti-theft backpack purse, which has a special closure that’s harder for a thief to compromise. You can also try storing valuables in hidden pockets inside the bag or holding onto the bag closely if you’re somewhere crowded.

More to Explore

Back in the day, students often carried their books to school by hand or by wrapping them with a belt or strap. Then, in 1938, Gerry Outdoors created the first backpacks with zippers. They were originally designed for hiking, but in 1967 the company also released a nylon dayback. JanSport set up shop the same year. Students at the University of Washington started buying the brand’s bags from the student sporting goods store and using them to carry books across campus, leading JanSport to create bags more geared to student life.

As for backpack purses, they became all the rage in the ’90s, when they appeared prominently in movies like “Clueless” and “10 Things I Hate About You.” They became trendy again in 2014 and have been so ever since!

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