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The Best 6-Year-Old Boy Gifts

Last updated on April 19, 2022
Best 6-Year-Old Boy Gifts

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Our Picks For The Top 6-Year-Old-Boy Gifts

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ESSENSON Outdoor Explorer & Bug Catcher Kit

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Outdoor Explorer & Bug Catcher Kit

Junior explorers will get everything they need with this 6-year-old boy gift. It includes a mix of plastic toys and fully functional tools such as bug habitats and binoculars. Overall, a great kit for kids with an affinity for bugs.

Overall Take

Encourages LearningThis bug catcher kit helps kids explore the outdoors safely.

 Strong Contender

VATOS 25-In-1 Robot STEM Toy


25-In-1 Robot STEM Toy

For kids that love to build, this building block set is the toy that keeps on giving. It includes hundreds of pieces (all compatible with leading block brands) that can be combined into 25 different toys. Instructions are easy to follow for a range of ages.

Overall Take

Versatility and ValueThis massive block set can make trucks, robots and more and works great as a 6-year-old boy gift.

 Also Great

ATIMO LED Multi-Function Kids’ Waterproof Watch


LED Multi-Function Kids' Waterproof Watch

Finally, a sport watch for kids who are just reaching the age where they can appreciate one. It includes an array of features that include an alarm clock and luminous display. Best of all, the waterproof casing can stand up to rough and tumble play.

Overall Take

Tough Yet ComfortableThis waterproof watch is a bright and durable 6-year-old boy gift.

HISTOYE 2-Player Laser Tag Set


2-Player Laser Tag Set

These accurate laser guns do everything a kid could want: Emit blast noises and look cool. They also trigger a vibration in the target when a hit is scored. The set makes a great gift for siblings, and it can be used indoors or out.

Overall Take

Safe, Active FunAnyplace becomes an arena for two with this accurate laser tag set.

Buying Guide

If you’ve got a six-year-old boy, you know that tracking their obsessions is harder than getting them to sit still. They can be all in for dinosaurs one month, and complaining the next that their T-rex jammies are “for babies.” So how do you buy a gift that’s sure to keep their attention for the long term?

If you want to play it safe, focus less on what the kid wants and more on what they need. If you go that route, you’ve got a failsafe source of intel in Mom or Dad. They’ll likely have lots to say about what kind of clothes he’s short on or what school supplies he needs for next year.

But if you want to see genuine smiles when he opens that present, you’ll have to do a little digging. Keep in mind there’s no such thing as an ideal “boy’s toy,” just as a pink Barbie playset won’t please every little girl. You’ll have to cater to the boy’s interests, whatever they happen to be at the time. And the longer he’s been into that subject, the better the odds that he’ll like a gift with that theme.

If you aren’t sure what characters the boy is into, at least try and keep his demeanor in mind. Is he a rough and tumble, active child who’s likely to play outdoors a lot? Or is he more of an introvert who likes reading or drawing? Either way, there are a lot of great options that can even be educational. STEM toys are items that build knowledge related to concepts in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics, and they don’t necessarily have to announce that intent. Interlocking building blocks are STEM toys, as are dominoes and even many board games.

Remote-controlled cars are a big hit with most kids around this age, and some boys might even be ready to fly a basic drone. (Just make sure that it’s a durable one!) Video games are usually appreciated as long as they’re simple and not too violent – and you’ll want to make sure that they’re compatible with whatever console is played at the household.

Still, don’t underestimate the staying power of a non-electronic toy. Outdoor skill games or board games can be fun for years and can bring the whole family together to boot.

What to Look For

Whatever you buy, two types of toys should raise red flags unless you know for sure the parents’ opinion: Toys that make noise and toys that simulate violence. Every kid should be exposed to music in a controlled environment, but the parents might not want to be “exposed” to amateur drum solos at all hours. And while toy guns may seem harmless to you, many parents have specific ground rules about how often and how early their kids should be allowed to play with them.

More to Explore

It takes time for some toys to get their due. Although the block-balancing game Jenga has been around since 1987, it was only inducted into the National Toy Hall of Fame in 2020.

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