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The Best 5-Year-Old Girls’ Gifts

Last updated on March 24, 2022
Best 5 Year Old Girl's Gifts

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Our Picks For The Top 5 Year-Old-Girl's Gifts

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Jewelkeeper Magical Jewelry Box 5-Year-Old Girl’s Gifts

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Magical Jewelry Box 5-Year-Old Girl's Gifts

This unicorn jewelry box is made for five-year-old girls who love bracelets, necklaces, earrings and other pieces. The unicorn spins and makes music when the box is opened. This is the kind of gift that creates nostalgic memories for years to come.

Overall Take

A Place for TreasuresThis 5-year-old girl's gift is the perfect box to store their keepsakes.

 Strong Contender

Naturally KIDS Mini Unicorn Backpack 5-Year-Old Girl’s Gifts

Naturally KIDS

Mini Unicorn Backpack 5-Year-Old Girl's Gifts

This plush unicorn and backpack is ideal for those who love playing pretend and creating fantasy worlds. The unicorn within the 5-year-old girl's gift is removable and can be incorporated into any games. The backpack can be used for fun or outings.

Overall Take

Unique ChoiceThis five-year-old girl’s gift is perfect for those who love make believe.

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Byserten Educational Flower Garden 5-Year-Old Girl’s Gifts


Educational Flower Garden 5-Year-Old Girl's Gifts

This flower garden building toy is perfect for the young designers and architects in your life. It can be used to make endless combinations and designs. The set comes with almost 100 brightly colored pieces.

Overall Take

For Creative KiddosThis unique 5-year-old girl's gift develops multiple skills such as critical thinking, color and shape recognition and more.

Crayola Glitter Art Shaker 5-Year-Old Girl’s Gifts


Glitter Art Shaker 5-Year-Old Girl's Gifts

Contain the mess while letting kids explore their creativity with this arts and crafts set. It’s ideal for five-year-old girls who love to create. The set comes with five different colors of sprinkles and other supplies.

Overall Take

Create with SprinklesThis arts and crafts set lets kids make pictures with glue and sprinkles without the mess.

Buying Guide

While the developmental stages of kids vary greatly, many five-year-old girls are on the precipice of being a “big kid.” They have passed the stage of toddlerhood and are no longer preschoolers. Many are in kindergarten, going to school with lots of friends and teachers. They are curious, adventurous, fearless and interested in the world around them. There are so many gifts available that cater to a five-year-old girl’s developmental stage and interest.

Many five-year-old girls are interested in dramatic play. They are highly imaginative and love creating new worlds with unicorns, dragons, princesses and superheroes. Some are working on their math skills and learning addition and subtraction, while others are more interested in sounding out words and working on their reading skills. Others love trying to master riding their bike without training wheels while some are more into arts and crafts.

Many kids this age are social butterflies. They love making new friends, playing with siblings and talking to adults. Gifts that encourage them to showcase their abilities and interests while interacting with others are important. This way, they can work on their sharing skills as well as their communication skills while playing with friends.

What to Look For

  • Consider what kinds of things the five-year-old girl in your life likes to play with. This will help you determine the best gift for them. Be sure to encourage their interests and skills, as well as challenge them to learn new things.
  • If she enjoys making jewelry with beads and string, for example, consider getting her a beautiful jewelry box. She can use it to keep her creations so they won’t get lost all over the house. This also teaches her to take care of her belongings, which is an important lesson to learn for most five-year-old girls.
  • For those who love imaginative play, fairy tales and unicorns, consider a backpack that enables her to bring her make-believe toys with her wherever she goes. For example, a backpack that comes with unicorn gifts is a great idea.
  • Does your five-year-old girl enjoy arts and crafts? Many are creative and love drawing, painting, cutting and gluing their artwork. Look for a unique arts and crafts set that lets her create in a new medium, such as with sprinkles or glitter.

More to Explore

Keep in mind the at five years old, children’s personalities and interests are still developing. They are learning about the world around them and have short attention spans. They may like arts and crafts one day and then Legos the next. Keep an open mind when buying gifts for five-year-old girls and choose ones that can grow with them as their likes, dislikes and interests change over time.

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