At-home COVID-19 tests recalled for possible bacterial contamination

Recalled COVID-19 tests
SD Biosensor, Inc. via FDA

People are being advised to stop using certain at-home COVID-19 tests.

The Food and Drug Administration said it has “significant concerns” about bacterial contamination in Pilot COVID-19 At-Home Tests’ liquid solution. They were distributed by Roche Diagnostics.

The FDA says the solution has been found to be contaminated with organisms such as Enterococcus, Enterobacter, Klebsiella and Serratia species. The agency notes that people with weakened immune systems are at risk of illness if exposed to the bacteria.

“If you see signs of infection, such as fever, discharge, red eyes, or any other concerning symptoms, seek medical attention,” the FDA states in a notice on its website.

In addition to potentially causing a person to become sick, the FDA says the tests may not be accurate if contaminated.

The recalled tests were sold on Amazon and at CVS Health. None of the tests were sent to Americans through the free federal testing program, the FDA said.

Consumers with a test are asked to discard it in the trash.

Official say they should not pour the liquid solution down the drain.

More than 40 different lots of the COVID-19 tests have been recalled. Click here for a list of recalled lot numbers. The lot number can be found on the test kit packaging.

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