Here Are 9 Tips To Save The Most Money At Jo-Ann Fabric And Other Craft Stores

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If you’re a lover of DIY decorating and crafts, then you know the excitement that comes with starting a new project. Walking into a craft store for a DIY enthusiast is essentially like walking into a candy store for a child. The options are endless and oh-so-thrilling!

That said, anyone who has stepped foot into a Joann Fabric and Craft store understands that things can get a little overwhelming walking through countless aisles of scrapbooking materials, yarns, beads, glitters, molding clays and more.

Putting even more of a damper on your DIY adventures? Prices. All the sparkly, colorful things really add up.

But before you give up on your crafting dreams, check out our top nine tips on saving money while shopping at Joann’s. Coupons like the one below can make all the difference!

1. Coupons

The most obvious way to save money is by using coupons. Always look through sites like that almost always have excellent coupons to aid you in your purchases. You can also download the Jo-Ann app to stay up to date on sales and check out this page to print the coupons themselves. FYI, while many Jo-Ann coupons say you can only use one per transaction, it never hurts to ask individual clerks if you can stack certain coupons together.

If you’re shopping online, browser extensions like Honey can help you find active promo codes to enter at checkout—they do all the work for you!

2. Wait it out

Jo-Ann stores always mark down seasonal items, so stay patient. Plus the store often rotates its sales, so while something might not be on sale this week, check back in four to six weeks. You never know.

3. Keep your eyes open for red stickers

The red stickers mean major discounts!

4. Always check the clearance aisle

Aside from being aware of the red ticket clearance items denoted by the bright stickers, take a stroll through the actual clearance aisle! Can’t find it? Ask!

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5. If not red, then blue

The item you’re looking for might not be on clearance. The next best thing? The item is on sale. When you see a blue on sale sign, you’ve found a limited-time offer. Also floating around the store are multi-colored one-day sales.

6. Pay attention to discount programs

Depending on your age, you may be eligible for up to 20 percent off your purchase on certain days. Jo-Ann also has a teacher rewards program that offers 15 percent off all purchases and a military discount program that offers 10 percent off all purchases.

7. Coupon matching

If you find an exact item at a Jo-Ann competitor, the store will match the competitor’s sale price.

8. Check the site

Jo-Ann has a very user-friendly site. If you’re looking for ways to save money, check out the site and target the “on sale” items.

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9. Sign up for the mailing list

Honestly, it’s worth it if you frequently shop here! You can choose to receive text offers too. If you’re on its email list, expect about five emails a week, each filed with sale item details and printable coupons. Bonus: email coupons give you free shipping with a minimum order.

Any other Jo-Ann shoppers have useful shopping tips? We want to hear them!

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